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Why Outdoor?

Cannabis has been cultivated outdoors for millennia and is in fact one of the oldest agricultural crops in existence. Growing cannabis indoors has been utilized for less than a century and came about as a result of prohibition. Staying inside and out of sight was initially a way to protect the grower from anti-cannabis laws. In fact, many advancements in cannabis production have occurred during the era of indoor cultivation, but there’s no substitute for the full spectrum light that the sun provides.

There are also significant capital and operating cost advantages of outdoor cultivation. Christina Lake Cannabis has obtained a 32 acre parcel of land in the prime cannabis cultivation region of southern BC, of which a target of 20 acres will be cultivation in 2020 with the ability to expand to an additoinal 80 acres by 2022.

Lower Cost

Outdoor cultivation has the advantage of significantly lower capital and operating costs. Large scale expansion is readily available relative to indoor operations.

Outdoor Genetics

Our cultivation application includes a wide variety of outdoor specific genetic strains that have been proven to flourish in our local outdoor climate.

100% Natural

Full spectrum sunlight versus artificial limited spectrum lights greatly improves the quality of the plants.

Lower Impact

The impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

Why Oil?

Flower Quantity

The flower market is saturated with high-cost indoor operations. Flower pricing is dependant on quality and harvests are not homogeneous so pricing received will vary significantly on visual characteristics aside from THC content and strain (physical proprieties).


The oil and extracts market is expected to grow substantially due to a higher emphasis on research, medical applications and variety of forms (oils, tinctures, edibles, etc). Access to this global market is made easier due to simpler distribution and storage costs.


Pricing for processed oils ranges from $12 – $60 per gram. As a result of our outdoor cultivation methods and lower cost structure, we are able to produce a premium, differentiated cannabis oil product at a targeted all-in cost of approximately $0.92 per gram.