Our Location

49.04ºN, 118.21ºW and deeply rooted

Situated in the heart of two intersecting valleys, our location capitalizes on a number of conditions that are essential for the optimal growth of outdoor cannabis.

The Low Down

At 500m above sea level, our valley is one of the lowest in the Kootenay Boundary region and as such, it lends itself to an extended growing season that typically spans up to 8 months of the year.

Easy Breezy

We receive a consistent breeze from the Southern facing valley that aids in the structural development of our plants as well as their respiration cycles and pest control.

No Bad Days

With a low average rainfall of 500mm, 54% of which take place over the winter, our outdoor crops are less susceptible to water damage, mildew and rot.

Sweet Southern Sunshine

Thanks to the characteristics of our latitudinal valley, our location is exposed to a prolonged abundance of full spectrum sunshine.

In The Zone

Nestled in a lush private setting, our 20-acre starting point is protected from the influences of outside industries and open to expand to another 80 acres in the immediate area.