A safe workplace lowers injury and illness costs, reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and lowers insurance premiums and claims.


Quality affects all aspects of a company from productivity to profitability. There is less waste, reducing costs and improving margins.


Improve environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage.


Reduces food safety incidents, liability. and customer complaints. Resources are optimised internally and in the food supply chain

Southern Africa – and particularly Mozambique – are preferred investment destinations. Implementing world-class systems like ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000 and HACCP ensure long-term professionalism and efficiency as well as consistent standards of operation.

Energy Works is conveniently located in Maputo, and has a majority Mozambican shareholding. Since 2014, we have offered expert advice to international partners on the implementation of certifications and management systems, training and audits related to quality systems, health and safety in the workplace and environmental management systems.

Get expert advice and assistance with feasibility studies, market research, risk assessments, training inventories, project design and implementation. 

This is where EnergyWorks plays a critical role

Practical on-site or online local training

Let us guide you through the challenges of managing your working environment, building capacity and maximising efficiency. We focus on health & safety, quality and environmental and maritime management training.We offer both on-site and online courses.

Certification Assessment and implementation

We work closely with clients in a wide range of sectors to assess requirements. Then we customise or develop and implement appropriate management systems that deliver quality results. Contact us to discuss your requirements and see what we can do to help.

Assisting foreign or national investors

Through our extensive networks and knowledge of the local business market, we can help you finding the right local enterprises and contractors. Let us assist you in identifying and assessing joint venture partners and preferred service providers and suppliers.

Experience across a wide range of sectors

Energy Works has completed feasility studies and implemented projects in the area of ​​strategic planning and institutional development in a variety of sectors and territories.We can also assist with market research, risk assessments, training inventories, stakeholder engagement, project design and implementation.

We focus on projects in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, as well as on infrastructure and logistics projects.

Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Protection of the Environment are prerequisites to ensure global competitiveness, consistent quality and productivity. Our qualified consultants are certified to international standards. They guide organisations through the complex process of implementing and maintaining their management systems to certified standards. Services range from audits, gap analysis and risk assessments to full management system analysis and implementation and legal compliance assessment.

Skills Academy: Featured Courses

We have national courses on Health & Safety. We partner with a South African company offering courses in Durban,

At EnergyWorks we believe training is essential in all aspects of a modern business. It empowers your organisation to perform […]
Reporting, basic life support and emergency procedures and stabilising the victim until specialised professionals arrive.
Our professional consulting services will help you implement, maintain or simplify your ISO 45001: 215 Health & Safety Management System.

Environmental Monitoring services

Water and air quality testing, soil analysis, dust and Environmental Impact Assessments.

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